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Side Entry Robots

Designed for mass production and short cycle time. It is ideal for moulds that run under 10 seconds. It functions properly with multispan moulds.Some of the outstanding features of our robot go as such:
*Space-saving small sized chassis design
*Very fast operation thanks to powerful servo motors, robust and rigid chassis
*Very low take out time
*Low air consumption
*User friendly touch screen
*Easy detection of errors thanks to the error search feature
*Sorting of faulty products thanks to optional camera control


Top Entry Single-Axis Robots

Used generally in economic type cover labeling and u-labeling. The main axis is servo motored; the axis that leaves the label in the mould is pneumatic. This type of robot only leaves the label inside the mould. They have no feature for taking the product out of the mould and stacking it. If this feature is desired, top entry triple-axis robots are needed.


Top Entry Triple-Axis Robots

This system is the utilization of a standard triple-axis robot in IML application. It is ideal for applications whose cycle time is over 10 seconds. In-mould take out time is app. 2 seconds longer compared to the top entry robots. With these robots, the product can be taken out from inside the mould and laid on a conveyor. This is usually ideal for bucket applications that are 8 litres or more.